This RP, as mentioned in the main blurb, is a spinoff from the main show titled Ascension Academy (AA), a web show on Twitch where most of the actors stream their perspectives in real time using VRChat as a platform. The Stiletto RP (SRP) takes place 5 or so years before the events of AA, when Pierce Carver was still a Lieutenant of the Deck Ops. Pierce Carver is played by Haven_Kendrick. The Stiletto is heavily based upon a real ship called the Scharnhorst, and originally started out being a retexture of the model from World of Warships, but ultimately became a properly developed bespoke scene in Unity.

This is currently being worked on by myself, Haven_Kendrick, BiteMeUniverse, Kaderen, Esarai, with assistance from Nevakari and military advice from Ally_Gator and EnDjinn.